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texting girlfriend

texting girlfriend

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NYC Subway Hosts Impromptu Ballet as Dancers Spontaneously Join Busking String Quartet

As they were performing in New York’s 8th Ave station recently, an impressive classical quartet found their art taken to the next level when a passing group of friends decided to stop for a few moments and add some improvised ballet to Bach’s Brandenburg Concerto No. 3… Via: Viewing NYC, Digg Read more:

How To Cut Rope In An Emergency

Rope and string is always good to have on hand for an emergency. But what if you have to cut the string or rope shorter, but have no knife or scissors. Well there is nothing to worry about. Life hacker┬áDave Hax┬áhas come forward with this quick trick to cut a rope shorter by using… more … Read More

Live at the Showbiz Expo: Hilarious, awkward interviews

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Remember That Old Cartoon “Inside-Out Boy”?

<img class='event-item-lol-image' src='' id='_r_a_8185223168' width="467" height="700" alt="innards,bathing suit,poorly dressed,inside out boy,swimsuit” title=”Remember That Old Cartoon "Inside-Out Boy"?” /> Via: Black Milk Clothing Read more:

Holy Hand Grenade Dating Back To The Crusades Discovered In Israel

Though those of us who grew up watching Indiana Jones may associate the Crusades with the quest to find the grail of eternal life, in reality they were among the deadliest and most brutal human undertakings of all time. Further proof of this has just been announced by the Israel Antiquities Authority (IAA), which has … Read More

Reporter concludes LAX shooting suspect had ‘strong anti government views’!/PhillyInquirer/status/396379890330501122 More information is coming to light about the person who killed one TSA agent and wounded at least six other people at Los Angeles International Airport this morning. NBC News’ Pete Williams reported that the gunman had “strong anti-government views.” That conclusion seems to have been based on a note the shooter carried with … Read More

NPR reporters attend ‘hostile environment’ boot camp

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Wait, what?

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Justin Bieber’s Little Brother Had So Much Swag On His First Day Of School

Well, its pretty obvious who is going to be thecool kid in class this year. You guessed it: Justin Biebers lil bro. The kids got more style thanIll ever have. Jaxon Bieber, the 6-year-old fashion guru and half brother of the Love Yourself singer, had his first day of school yesterday, and the Biebers father, … Read More

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